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It saddens me as the National Outreach Coordinator of the Sierra Leone Dj’s Union to write this piece that will definitely not go down well with my colleagues in the Disc Jokey fraternity but I am doing it to save our Union’s image not to go down the drain. I am going to be called all type of names because of my action in coming out public but only the truth shall set us all free and only the truth shall restore back the dignity and credibility of the National Music Awards.

As the mouthpiece and the public face of the Union, it is my sole responsibility to defend the Union at any given point but it is also mandatory for me as an entertainment Journalist to equally inform the press on issues surrounding the just concluded National Music Awards at the National Stadium this past Friday December 14th 2018. I am not writing in the capacity as the National Outreach Coordinator ( PRO ) of the Union but I am writing in the capacity as the Presenter of PREZO KOROMA’S JUNCTION.

The 4th edition of the Sierra Leone Dj’s Union National Music Awards ended up in a mess at the National Stadium as the turnout was very poor that night. There were so many reasons that are attributed to the low turnout by music loving fans in Freetown and other parts of the country. From my own observations as an individual, plenty of the artistes aren’t happy with the manner in which the affairs of the Sierra Leonean Dj’s is been runned. Our local stars have always been complaining that we as Dj’s are not prioritizing their songs but rather prioritizing more of Foreign songs and are always accusating the Dj’s.

However, if the Sierra Leone Dj’s Union is to continue to stage the National Music Awards, our country’s music should be placed on the top most priority. Late preparations, poor advertorials, limited promotional materials and host of other issues led to the downfall of the 4th edition of SLeDU NMA. The need to promote Salone music at all level cannot be over emphasize and we as Dj’s and Artistes should be seen as partners in the development of the music industry despite the too much disrespect and ingratitude by some Artistes Dj’s and there should be a win-win situation between the Artistes and the Dj’s.

Furthermore, the National Music Awards have lost credibility because of the wrong decision made by the National President Pilot CPO and the National Secretary General K – Flash. It is dishearten to inform the general populace that both the President and Secretary General were the very individuals that determined the winners of this year’s NMA without the involvement of other executive members and also the general membership at large. Some of the sod called winners never deserve the winning and what i saw at the National Stadium was more of a distribution of awards amongst Artistes in the West and East of Freetown.

The decisions taken by the two gentlemen doesn’t in any way reflects the views of the entire SLeDU Dj’s and they are also against the wrong doings of the President and his Secretary General . In order to save the Union from sinking , there is a need for an immediate Reformation and if also the President is to seek for reelection comes March 2019, he needs to go back to the drawing board to fix the controversial issues surrounding his leadership. Prezo CPO and Scribe K – Flash owes an apology to SLeDU and also the music industry in order to reinstate the respect and credibility the Union has been enjoying from the entertainment industry.

If I am to be sacked by Mr President for saying the gospel truth so be it as I am in the quest to save our beloved Union from going down the drain. Posterity will judge me if i seat down and watch our NMA fall apart because of his ineptitude .

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